Dr Catherine Woods

Physical Activity, Sedentary Behaviour and The Prevention of Chronic Disease.

Increasing physical activity and decreasing sedentary behaviour is related tothe prevention of chronic diseases such as diabetes, obesity and some types of cancer. However, individuals of all ages across western countries are not meeting recommended guidelines for physical activity and engage in substantial amounts of sedentary behaviours. It is important to develop our understanding of why people engage in physical activity or decrease their sedentary behaviours. This paper will look at theoretically-informed behaviour change to address these topics.

Dr. Woods is currently Head of the School of Health and Human Performance in Dublin City University. She is a senior lecturer in exercise psychology and physical activity for health. Her research interests include active living and the built environment, clinical and community interventions to promote health and the Policy Agenda. Dr. Woods is currently collaborating with national and international researchers on youth physical activity, the built environment and cardiac rehabiliation. Dr. Woods recently advised WHO-Europe on establishing guidelines for the design of residential neighbourhoods in order to combat the obesity epidemic. Dr. Woods has published three book chapters, numerous peer-reviewed journal articles, and presented her work at international and national conferences.

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